crafts and friends

this is my entry in carol’s crafting contest.

i got some scrapbooking in last night while joe was playing tennis. the time sure flew by! i finally started the wedding scrapbook i’m doing for my brother and his wife (their christmas present), and i made some birthday cards for joe’s parents and sister. i thought they were pretty good for a first attempt.

birthday cards

i like the double page spread i did for their portraits. and they line up almost perfectly.

oriona's wedding scrapbook-the brideoriona's wedding scrapbook-the groom

i think i’m going to add some white ribbon to the left side on this page.

oriona's wedding scrapbook-here comes the bride

i might get some more scrapping in today. we’ll see. tomorrow, i’m heading up to chattanooga to have lunch with chas! i’m so excited. she will be the first blogger friend i’ve met since lisanne stood me up in new york! (just kidding!)



  1. 1
    Chas Says:

    I’m so excited!!!

  2. 2
    Carol Says:

    The winner has been announced on my blog. Thanks for entering!

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