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August 26, 2007

i feel like i’ve gotten so much done already today. i spent some time with joe this morning, and since he left for the jewish festival he has to go to today, i have gone grocery shopping, washed the dishes and made a pasta salad for dinner. i guess it really doesn’t sound like a lot, but we’ve only been up since 10:30 a.m. or so. now, i’m off to go workout and then do a lot of laundry and some more cleaning so i’ll be ready to relax when joe gets home, which should be just in time for big brother!


the rundown

August 25, 2007

here it is. i look like a cow in this dress. joe says the a/c isn’t really working in the church and it is sweltering there, and my curling iron has some sort of oil all over it and just got my hair oily. fantastic. really. and now it is 2:45 and i have no more time to mess with my hair. i still have to do my makeup. sigh. this is really shaping up to be a great day.


August 25, 2007

well, joe is off for lunch with the boys before heading over to the church, and i am left here wondering what i will do with my hair! it would help to know if the reception is going to be inside or outside. with the heat we’re having here, it will be miserable to have my hair down outside, but i don’t know any cute ways to pull it up! it’s a catch 22.

husband/father of the year

August 23, 2007

from wifeswap involving a diva family and a redneck family.

diva mom: so do you ever take your wife out for dinner?
redneck dad: yea, but no where fancy. i take her to the truck stop.

diva mom: your kids break the law!
redneck dad: yea, i’m hoping they’ll grow out of that.


August 23, 2007

there was a car on fire at hobby lobby last night.

we have had a thing with car fires lately, but i digress. we came out of hobby lobby, and we saw smoke in the parking lot. joe went around an escalade parked in the first space and saw a red pontiac with smoke billowing out of it. my awesome hubby took control and called 911 while i ran inside to have the employees making an announcement. this is how it went down:

me: i need you to announce that the owner of a red pontiac needs to come outside NOW because it is on fire.

the employee: *just standing there* there’s a car on fire? that’s crazy.

me: ok, so do it NOW.

woman leaving the store: that’s MY car!


i also had them announce for everyone to come out and move their cars. there was gas on fire under the car, which really doesn’t make for a good situation. we were scared it was going to blow up. joe ended up moving all the cars because either a)the owners were just standing around watching; or b)they tried to but joe didn’t want them in the line of fire, so to speak.

there happened to be a county firefighter on the scene (driving by? shopping at hobby lobby?), who sloooooooowly put on his turnout gear and used an itty bitty fire extinguisher on the blaze. it didn’t really do much. he thought it would be a good idea to pop the hood, so he made SOME OTHER GUY WITHOUT PROTECTIVE GEAR ON open the car door and try to find the hood latch. right. because if a firefighter asked ME to do that when there is a car on fire and gas burning underneath it, i would tell him to go to hell. and, i’m not a firefighter and all, but i really don’t think opening the hood and giving the fire more oxygen is a good thing. i’m just saying…

the city fire department got there after what seemed like forever (it was only 7 minutes, but boy does time drag by when there is a car on fire) and got to work. by that point, flames were shooting out of both sides of the hood, and when they pried the hood in the front up enough to get the hose inside, all you could see was orange.

what is it with cars catching on fire when joe’s around??

Protected: bummed

August 23, 2007

joe and i are very involved in our community. joe is president-elect of our kiwanis club, and as many of you know, organized a hot dog eating contest during the 4th of july festivities this year. my family came down to support him, and his family came from their cabin in the mountains for it. i think that’s very important.

now, it’s my turn. you all know i’m planning our club’s kiddie day parade, which is one of the biggest events held here. it’s a HUGE undertaking, and will involve at least 300 kids as well as many other groups. it’s a big thing for me. my parents will be here. joe’s will not. they just don’t want to make the same trip they did for joe for me.

i’m really bummed about that. i feel like it’s a slap in my face, like they’re really showing me how they feel about me. i feel that if they really accepted me they would support things i do, as my parents do for joe. they come to everything he does. his parents don’t do anything for me.

so now i’m really bummed.

feeling off

August 23, 2007

my inner clock has been off the last couple of weeks. last friday, i woke up and thought it was saturday. this morning, i thought it was friday. sadly, i still have another day to go.

the weeks used to fly by, but now they feel as if they’re crawling.