Protected: frustrated

i get so frustrated at work sometimes. i feel like i can’t do anything right, which typically is caused by one of my public information contacts. every time i call him he gives me a hard time, then turns the tables and asks me why i’m being mean to him. for example, a couple of weeks ago a body was found in a neighboring county by a car belonging to a woman missing from our county. i called the county where the body was found. then i called our sheriff’s department’s pio to find out who had been missing because we had never heard anything about it. this is the response i got: “call paulding county. i don’t work on your schedule. i’ll give you something when i feel like giving you something.”

that is what i deal with on a daily basis. if we are having email problems at work (which we have had quite often recently), i can’t receive the incident reports. if i ask him to resend them to our yahoo address he gets huffy and says no. i guess he doesn’t understand the public relations part of his job.

i just got a phone call from him berating me for not calling his cell phone yesterday about some people who had fled after a traffic stop. now, my job is a lot different than when i worked at the newspaper. instead of having on dedicated beat, i cover everything. i had a lot of other things going on yesterday, and calling his cell phone slipped my mind. so, in my story, i put that no one returned my phone call seeking comment. which he didn’t.

sigh. then, last night, one of the local police chiefs was a little upset with me because i forgot to ask his sergeant if i could record him for soundbites when i interviewed him about a wreck. it’s just not been my week.



  1. 1
    stacey Says:

    We all have weeks like that. I think it’s because we’re all human and we can only do so much to please others.

  2. 2
    Chas Says:

    That stinks. I would hate that…can’t stand dealing w/ angry people…which is why I quit my insurance job. I hope it gets better for you :).

  3. 3
    Laurel Says:

    Having to work with stupid and / or crazy people sucks… welcome to working in the world of nonprofit and dealing with a board of directors. Then you get stupid + crazy + rich. DANGEROUS.

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