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Protected: frustrated

August 28, 2007

i get so frustrated at work sometimes. i feel like i can’t do anything right, which typically is caused by one of my public information contacts. every time i call him he gives me a hard time, then turns the tables and asks me why i’m being mean to him. for example, a couple of weeks ago a body was found in a neighboring county by a car belonging to a woman missing from our county. i called the county where the body was found. then i called our sheriff’s department’s pio to find out who had been missing because we had never heard anything about it. this is the response i got: “call paulding county. i don’t work on your schedule. i’ll give you something when i feel like giving you something.”

that is what i deal with on a daily basis. if we are having email problems at work (which we have had quite often recently), i can’t receive the incident reports. if i ask him to resend them to our yahoo address he gets huffy and says no. i guess he doesn’t understand the public relations part of his job.

i just got a phone call from him berating me for not calling his cell phone yesterday about some people who had fled after a traffic stop. now, my job is a lot different than when i worked at the newspaper. instead of having on dedicated beat, i cover everything. i had a lot of other things going on yesterday, and calling his cell phone slipped my mind. so, in my story, i put that no one returned my phone call seeking comment. which he didn’t.

sigh. then, last night, one of the local police chiefs was a little upset with me because i forgot to ask his sergeant if i could record him for soundbites when i interviewed him about a wreck. it’s just not been my week.


miss teen usa pageant

August 28, 2007

have any of you heard about the miss teen usa pageant? miss teen south carolina was asked why many americans don’t know where north america is on a map. here’s her response. it’s pretty painful.