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August 27, 2007

the woman who got married on saturday is the same one who wrote a horrible post on her blog last year about our wedding and marriage. her now-husband made her take it down, but i still remember. she talked about how stupid it was for a christian and a jew to marry, and also said i am a mean, horrible person because i didn’t sit down and talk to her at my wedding.

on saturday, she didn’t sit down and talk to me! i think that’s hilarious. am i getting my feelings hurt? no. i know that a bride is insanely busy on her wedding day and can’t talk to everyone. i can’t even remember all the people who came to our wedding!

i think i’m a little too critical about weddings because i compare them to mine, which i consider the best wedding ever. 🙂 but, so does every bride. the ceremony was nice. the church had no decorations besides some greenery on the ends of the pews, but she just may not be into that. i had lots of flowers and candles at ours. they also wouldn’t allow flash photography during the ceremony, which meant that i couldn’t take any pictures because whenever i take them without a flash they turn out blurry.

i also didn’t think her dress really looked like a wedding dress. it was tea-length, and honestly, looked like something i’d buy when i needed to dress up for something. when i think of wedding dress i think of fluffy skirts. the photographer even griped about the fact that it was so short. ha. then, she wore black flip flops with white polka dots to the reception. at least wear dressy flip flops!

ok, now before you all think i am a total bitch (because i really am not), i will stop.

people complimented my shoes, but they were pinching my toes so much i had to sit down a lot at the reception. my arthritis also was flaring up big time, so i was not a happy camper. that led to a cranky cady who quickly instigated a fight with my poor, defenseless husband over something so trivial as him offering to take back the groomsmen’s tuxes. however, that did mean that we were on their schedule as we had to wait for them to change. thinking back, i really feel bad about getting so upset though, and i’m sure a few people heard us arguing. i ended up waiting for joe in the car while he got the last tux because a) my feet, knees, ankles and back were KILLING me and b) it was sweltering outside. emma probably got mad that i didn’t say goodbye to her, but she can deal with it. we never knew they had left our wedding.

we stayed at the reception about an hour. it was pretty fun. the introduction of the bridal party was cool. emma and brandon picked songs with inside meanings for each person. joe’s was a song from office space. ha. i was so proud of him. he looked great. 🙂

after we left, we made up, picked up a pizza,went home and watched some old episodes of the office. it was a very relaxing end to a very busy day.


wedding pics

August 27, 2007

here are some pics from the wedding. joe didn’t get a full-length one of me, but maybe we will take one here for the fun of it. we also didn’t get any of us together because he was running arond doing groomsmen stuff.

me before wedding 2 crop

wedding party crop

emma with groomsmen crop