Protected: left out

i have to password this post because the person i’m writing about reads my blog. at least she has in the past.

tonight was joe’s friend’s bachelor party, and as you all know, i was excited about a night to myself. that was, until i found out his fiancee had her bachelorette party tonight and i wasn’t invited. i thought she and i were friends. the four of us hang out together. she and i scrapbook together. i go to her scrapbooking retreats at her parents’ cabin. and tonight, i was the only one sitting at home while everyone else *still* is out on the town. the worst part is that she lied to me about it. she told me that she wasn’t having a bachelorette party because her mother and future mother-in-law wanted to come. and i believed her. what a fool i am. i am so embarrassed now because all the guys tonight knew i wasn’t invited.

it really sucks to be left out. guess who’s now getting one of the hideous platters we received for our wedding!!


i just found out the whole story. three weeks ago, emma had her lingerie party (bachelorette party) and then did a day at the lake because her mom and future mil wanted to go. that’s what she told me she was going to do. so why would you tell someone about something you’re planning and then not invite them? that’s just rude.



  1. 1
    Lisanne Says:

    She really lied about it? Or maybe she thought that she wasn’t going to have a bachelorette party, and then spur-of-the-moment it just ended up happening? I am *so* sorry that you’re feeling left out. That does stink. It sounds like you enjoyed a nice, quiet evening at home by yourself, though! I think that you needed that. So … will it be awkward at their wedding or what? Ugh. 😦 What’s the strangest wedding gift that you received? We got *three* oil lamps. They’re all pretty, but … who needs an oil lamp? hehe 🙂

  2. DAMN!! She SUCKS, Cady! Although maybe Lisanne is right, maybe it was more of a last minute thing, not that that excludes her rudeness and inconsiderate attitude. Yuck. You are MUCH better off w/o her as a friend. What did the guys say to Joe? What does he have to say about it?

  3. 3
    stacey Says:

    I seriously hope Lisanne is right and there was some last-minute thing thrown together with maybe a couple of her closest friends. Because otherwise, did she think you wouldn’t find out? I hope this didn’t ruin your relaxing night at home. 😦

  4. 4
    Chas Says:

    Wow, Cady…that’s so rude! I’d really love to know what Joe thought about that…and what the groom said, if anything. It’s hard to say what I’d say if I were in your situation. I sure wouldn’t want to hang out with her anymore. I guess you kind of have to suck it up and go to the wedding though if Joe is involved in it. Dang…I can’t get over how rude that is. Surely there’s more to it…I mean, why would she do that????

  5. 5
    Laurel Says:

    What a sucky situation. Hopefully it was just a thrown-together shindig to appease the moms. But, I agree, it’s not polite to talk about an event with someone and then not invite them.

    I skipped out on a bachelorette party this weekend. I get sick of feeling obligated to spend a ton of money for someone I’m not all that close to… (Can’t win, right?)

  6. 6
    Sara Says:

    *HUGS* I’m sorry. What an awful thing for her to do to you. 😦

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