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streaming newscasts

August 16, 2007

and now it’s the moment i know *all* of you have been waiting for. you now can hear my lovely voice reading the news on your computers every weekday at 5 p.m. we are streaming all our local program now on, which i think is pretty cool. so now you all can listen and tell me how great (or not so great) i am! i hope i won’t mess up too much now!! our wbhf link is right up on the top.


a “me” night

August 16, 2007

i get saturday night to myself this weekend. joe is planning his friend’s bachelor party, and the boys are heading to atlanta saturday night. they’re all meeting up at our place, and it’ll be fun to see how they dress him up.

now i enjoy my date nights with joe, but it will be fun to veg out on my own. i am planning on settling down in my pajamas with a pizza, my yummy light ice cream and three cuddly cats and watch a movie on the dvr. i can’t wait!

and the winner is . . .

August 16, 2007

dress #4!

i completely forgot to let you all know which one i picked, and i’m sure you all were *dying* to know! hehe. i really wanted the spearment/chocolate dress, but they only had the it in chocolate/taupe and black/ivory. since the bride’s color is black, i went with the chocolate. that and the fact that i have a lot of black in my closet as it is. actually, a lot of black and brown, so i guess this isn’t really going to spice it up. haha. it is supposed to arrive a couple of days before the wedding, so i hope it fits. and looks cute on me.