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August 14, 2007

i made a dentist appointment today. i can’t remember the last time i went to the dentist. that’s bad. i’ve been putting it off because i’m afraid the dentist is going to tell me my teeth are rotting and they’re all going to fall out. that would suck.

so today, i pushed past my fears and made my appointment. that was, however, after a nice conversation with, who else, but the customer service department with my dental insurance company. i tried to register online so i could see which dentists were in my plan, but it wouldn’t accept my identification number, which i assumed was my social security number because there were five x’s and then the last four of my social.

so i called the dreaded customer service. i hate dealing with customer service. after being on hold for quite a while, my call was finally answered and i explained my problem.

“you need your identification number.”

“i typed it in, but it says it doesn’t exist.”

“use the identification number on your card.”

as opposed to what other identification number i would have used? honestly.