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the baby shower

August 13, 2007

yesterday’s baby shower for my sister-in-law quited out with quite a bang. we family members were all inside waiting for guests to arrive when one of the women looking out the window saw oriona’s brother’s car rolling down the street. he had parked on the driveway, which is on an incline, and left his car in neutral with the parking brake on. the e-brake must have come loose, and it rolled down the driveway and across the street, running over three rocks in the neighbor’s garden and coming to rest on two of them. we were surprised it didn’t hit any of our cars parked on the side of the road. while the guests arrived, ryan, randy, joe, and oriona’s dad and uncle were out there trying to jack up the car so they could lift it. the car is more than likely totaled. the front end was bashed in, and the radiator was hanging down.

the rest of the shower went quite smoothly. there were a lot of girls there. i guess their significant others didn’t want to come to the couple’s shower. i felt bad for randy, joe and my dad though. and, only one person who came besides my parents, joe and randy played along with the theme, which was to wear your favorite sport’s team’s colors.

ryan and ori got some great gifts, most of which were outfits for their little boy.

ryan and ori opening presents 8 crop

and it was fun just getting to hang out with my family, whom i don’t see too often (although more than we see joe’s).

siblings 1 crop

family pic 1 crop