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t-minus 15 hours until vacation

July 27, 2007

yes, at 5 a.m. tomorrow, we’re off for our fun, fun, fun vacation. we fly into nyc, and then we’re taking a train up to albany (saving lots of gas money and about 2 hours of our time. yay!). tomorrow night, joe and i are meeting up with everyone’s favorite blogger, lisanne. yay! i am so excited to meet her and her family! she will be the first blogging friend i will have met, and i know we’ll have a blast.

sunday morning will begin early for us as well as we’re heading up to cooperstown for the baseball hall of fame induction. woo hoo! the parking lots open at 8, and we’ve been told the one we want to get into will fill up fast, so i think we’re planning on leaving albany around 5:30 a.m. blah. i am *not* a morning person. we’ll spend the rest of the morning camped out on the grounds awaiting the 1 p.m. start of the ceremony. we were going to sleep in our car at the hall of fame saturday night as we were told we could, but when joe called yesterday they told us that we can’t. nice. it’s a good thing we didn’t cancel our hotel room. otherwise we’d be sleeping in the walmart parking lot!

while we’re in cooperstown, i will be doing call-in reports to the radio station. i’m really excited about that because for us journalists, datelines (as we call them in newspaper) are a big thing, and doing a report live from cooperstown will be awesome.

hopefully my favorite player of all time cal ripken jr. will speak first so we can head out a little early and try to beat the crowd to head back to albany and catch our train back into nyc. joe’s cousin, tommy, is picking us up there, and we’ll spend the next two days at his place, although most of our time will be spent in nyc since i’ve never really been there (the ferry ride across from staten island and then immediately back two years ago doesn’t really count). there is so much i want to see! we plan to have dinner at what looks like a nice italian restaurant in the city (it had a lot of good reviews), and on tuesday night, we’re heading to yankee stadium with tommy and his sons. we’re both so excited to get to see a game there before it’s torn down next year.

it’ll be a whirlwind trip, but it’s going to be great. then, a month after we get back, we’re off for our one-year anniversary trip to savannah. yay!



July 26, 2007

the fatigue got really old really fast today. i’d had about enough when i was too tired to think clearly at 1:30 p.m., three hours after i’d woken up. so, i called my obgyn. i figured if the enbrel really isn’t good to take when ttc or pregnant, he would know. it was worth a shot.

boy was it. his nurse told me enbrel is a class 2 drug, which means it’s safe to take all the way through pregnancy. yay! i have never been so happy to give myself a shot. it’ll be so nice to have the joint swelling, fatigue and general aches and pains go away. yay for doctors!

customer service update

July 26, 2007

the supervisor just admitted that they’re over charging me. then she hung up on me. nice.

customer service

July 26, 2007

whatever happened to the service in customer service? i am on the phone now with directv for the third time since yesterday to try to get answers about my bill. here’s what happened: i got my bill. i added up the charges. they came to $10 less than what i’m being billed. i went back to the previous months and did the same thing and still came up $10 less.

joe called first. he didn’t get any answers, so i gave it a shot. she tried to say that i didn’t pay my full bill every month. right. because i make it a habit to pay $10 less than i owe. brillant. now i’m back on the phone because joe was told (after he took the phone away from me becausei was getting very upset) that a credit is applied after the bill goes out so it’s not reflected on the bill. that doesn’t make sense.

sigh. i’ve been on the phone now for 15 minutes and it will be another 10 before i can speak to a supervisor (because when i said “i’d like to speak to a supervisor” the guy took that as “i’d like to continue speaking to you, moron”). maybe i’ll write them a letter.


July 25, 2007

i have been so tired lately. it must be that my arthritis meds are completely out of my system now. sigh. it’s awful — i sleep until i have to get up and get ready for work, and by the time i get home i’m too tired to do anything. right now i feel like i could pass out, and i’ve only been awake since 10 a.m. sigh.

cowboy hats and budweiser

July 23, 2007

we had a fantastic time at the faith hill/tim mcgraw concert saturday night. i bought tickets several months ago, but by then they were almost all sold out. however, i was quite disappointed to discover we were in the VERY LAST row at philips arena. this was our view of the stage:

stage 1

us at concert 3

bummer. that was not going to dampen our enthusiasm, though! now, i am deathly afraid of heights. deathly. so, being all the way up at the top was not so good for me. apparently, many others were scared of being up that high too. two girls were next to us on the left, and one grabbed onto my shoulder when she was walking by us. i didn’t blame her. i would have too. we chatted with them from time to time, especially when we were laughing at the *incredibly* drunk woman right next to me. i lost count of how many beers she had. she was screaming her head off and waving her budweiser bottle in the hair because that’s not redneck at all. she started screaming again at tim mcgraw, and out of nowhere, joe started screaming and throwing his hands up in the air. every time she screamed, he did the same thing. it was hilarious. i think she caught onto it, though, because she asked me if she was bothering us. we were happy about the extra entertainment. 🙂

us at concert 5

despite being up so high we got some pretty good pictures. my only disappointment about the concert was that tim mcgraw only did three songs that i knew. i thought he would have done more of his big hits, but he did a lot that i’d never heard of. oh well.

faith hill 2

faith hill and tim mcgraw

kenny rogers did a song with tim mcgraw also, which was a great surprise.

tim mcgraw and kenny rogers

the concert was about four hours, but i could have stayed all night. it was great. next time, though, we’ll have to remember our cowboy hats.


July 23, 2007

i started in on harry potter and the deathly hallows yesterday, and last night my brother and i talked about big events leading up to where i had left off. we mentioned a certain character’s death, and joe started yelling. apparently, he had been reading over my shoulder. randy and i thought it was hilarious. today, we said that we should have made up things that happened, like, “wow, i can’t believe voldemort is really harry’s dad!” that’s what joe gets for reading over my shoulder! 🙂