bill paying

i hate sending in bill payments. i hate writing checks. now that we’ve combined accounts, i’ve set everything up to be paid electronically every month. it’s just easier for me to remember that way, and it’s much less hassle.

today, when i was looking up the phone number for our car insurance agent, i noticed the option to pay online. yay! paying our car insurance is the bain of my existence. whenever i go by, the office is closed. it’s so frustrating. and it takes time out of my day to drive over there several times. i thought this would be a quick solution to that problem. however, i couldn’t seem to find an account number on our statement. there were a couple of unlabeled numbers, but they didn’t work. so, i called the company.

online bill pay isn’t available for georgia customers. well isn’t that just fantastic. that bummed me out. but at least i only have two checks to write each month.


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    lisa Says:

    can’t you pay online through your bank?

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