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protected post

June 29, 2007

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Protected: hard feelings, part 2

June 29, 2007

i hope i don’t sound like a complete witch for saying this, but it’s really been bothering me, so i figured i needed to get it out somewhere.

i continue to have feelings of animosity toward my brother. he got married two weeks after me (and actually called me while i was on my honeymoon to say he was going to elope while we were gone), and i’ve been resentful because i felt like he stole my thunder. maybe i’m being spoiled or selfish, but i kind of wanted the attention on my wedding. instead, the first weekend we were back from our honeymoon, everyone was focused on ryan and oriona’s upcoming wedding. our trip was an afterthought.

then, in january, we found out they were pregnant. from what i’ve heard, they weren’t planning it, but that still doesn’t make me feel any better. i really wanted to have the first local grandchild. i don’t know why, but i just did. maybe it’s because i’m five years older than him. i don’t know. what makes it worse is that they have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. she dropped out of school. he’s still attending. they both work part time. and they’re not worried at all about how they will support this child. i don’t think they have any idea how much a baby costs. and, when my parents or i try to advise them, they get mad and say very hurtful things. they think they know everything. come on, they’re 21 and 20. i didn’t know anything when i was that age!

now, they want to break their lease and move into a nicer, more expensive place. again, they have no idea what they’re getting into. and i’m resentful because i know it’s all being paid for. her parents are paying their bills and basically every other expense they have. theoretically, that will end in september, but they’re not going to let their daughter be in a situation where she has no money. i guess i’m a little jealous. it sure would be nice to have someone paying my bills! what did they do to deserve it…throw together a shotgun wedding? that’s really mature.

of course, i probably sound immature. i’m glad joe and i don’t need to be supported by anyone. i’m glad we can live on our own. and i know ryan will be indebted to his in-laws forever. he’s in a situation no one should be in. and it’s a situation in which they will never learn how to grow up, be mature and support themselves.

so if i know this, why am i still so jealous?

sad news

June 27, 2007

my best friend from elementary school sent me a text this afternoon to tell me her dad died after a battle with cancer. i feel so sad for her. she lost her mom a few years ago, and now her dad. her parents were older than most parents of 27-year-olds, but it’s still hard for me to imagine having lost both of my parents at this point in my life.

i really want to go to the funeral, but it’s on a tuesday, and i just don’t know if i could make it back up to maryland for it at such short notice. i’m so sad for her, and since i’ve never been through that kind of loss myself, that’s all i can say. i think she understands.


June 27, 2007

i love surprises. joe stopped by best buy this afternoon and surprised me by buying a video camera. we were planning on getting one for our trip to new york at the end of july, but he went ahead and got it to tape me in the 4th of july parade. aww.

he also got me the shrek 2 dvd. yay! i love shrek. what a sweet hubby!

mountains and rain

June 27, 2007

joe and i are headed to his parents’ cabin in the mountains this weekend. it’ll be the first time we’ve spent a weekend there by ourselves, and we’re really excited. it’s always so relaxing up there, so we’re going to take a bunch of movies, bubble bath (because our tub has stains on it and i have this thing about refusing to take a bath in tubs that are not sparkling and brand-new) and just have a nice, quiet weekend. we may float down the river with friends of the family too. we haven’t decided yet.

we had a torrential storm here the other night. it rained hard, but sadly not enough to make a step toward recovering our dried out grass and plants. because it was also windy, the rain came in horizontally, soaking everything under our carport, even though we’d moved the boxes far enough away from the edge. it really made me mad. i spent yesterday taking things out of ruined boxes and hoping the boxes of encyclopedias didn’t get too wet. sigh. it’s just one more thing to motivate us to hurry and finish emptying those boxes. it’s just hard when we’re never home for a whole weekend. we’re just such busy, popular people. 🙂

feeling married

June 25, 2007

yesterday was one of those days that makes you feel married. after work and while waiting for my car to be done at firestone, we headed to lowe’s. joe wanted to pick up some stain to do the deck. while we were there, we decided to start planning to paint the bathroom. we want to do a light purple, since our shower curtain has pastel purple, green and blue. i think we’ve decided on water hyacinth by laura ashley home. i think it’s pretty. of course, you never really can tell until you start painting. i can’t decide if we would want a little darker color or not.

after we paint the bathroom, we’re going to do the kitchen and our bedroom. i know i want a yellow in the bedroom, and i was thinking a light yellow in the kitchen, since our colors are red and yellow, but i don’t know if i want two yellow rooms. what do you think about a red kitchen? i like autumn fire, but i don’t know if it’s too bold. of course, martha stewart says to go with mustard yellow for the kitchen. decisions, decisions.

it’s times like this that i hate being indecisive. now, here’s my question. do you think repainting will help or hurt us when we want to resell? the walls are a nice neutral color now, but they’re all the same color. and we won’t be selling for several years, but it’s always something i think about.

the window saga continues: update

June 22, 2007

our contractor wouldn’t call joe back today about our windows. this is what happens when they don’t call back:

yes, that is duct tape. because apparantly we now are redneck. sigh. can you tell this will be a long two weeks for me?