i was tagged by sara, so here we go . . .

a- attached or single? attached
b- best friend: julisa
c- cake or pie: cake, but i love them both. i’ll never turn down either!
d- drink of choice: diet lemonade from chick-fil-a. mmmm.
e- essential item: one of my many purses. 🙂
f- favorite color: pink
g- gummi bears or worms?  bears
h- hometown: beltsville, md.
i- indulgence: french fries and chocolate 
j- january or february:  um…i guess february…i don’t really have a preference.
k- kids: hopefully soon!
l- life is incomplete without: someone to share it with
m- marriage date: sept. 3, 2006
n – number of siblings: one sister, two brothers, two sisters-in-law and one brother-in-law
o- oranges or apples? both!
p- phobias/fears: death
q- favorite quote: “get it first, but first, get it right.” (the old associated press slogan)
r- reasons to smile: my husband, my house, my family
s- season: spring…summer is tooo hot now!
t- tag three: stacey, l, lisanne
u- unknown fact about me:  i like watching nascar.
v-vegetarian or not: i am most definitely a vegetarian.
w- worst habit: i bite and pick at my fingers when i’m nervous.
x – x-rays or ultrasounds? x-rays…last time i had an ultrasound i had to hold in a full bladder for an hour.
y- your favorite foods: italian and mexican
z- zodiac: aries



  1. 1
    Laurel Says:

    mmm… french fries. that is all i have been craving lately, and the new whole foods near AS’s house has fancy cones of fries with interesting dipping sauces (great for me as i am anti-ketchup). yum, yum!

  2. 2
    Lisanne Says:

    Oooooh! I’ve been tagged! Thanks! 🙂

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