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one step closer . . .

May 31, 2007

my educational assistance was approved. yay! now, i need to sign up for a gre class and take the gre. i’m one step closer to my goal!


off for the weekend

May 27, 2007

well, it’s off to work and then up to joe’s parents’ cabin. have a happy memorial day!!

the smoke returns

May 26, 2007

it’s worse outside today than it was a few days ago. i can still taste smoke in my mouth, and my eyes have been burning from just five minutes in the carport. joe went out earlier and smelled the smoke quite strongly, so he called 911. the operator told him it’s more smoke from the south georgia/north florida fires. man. i really feel for the people who live down there. it’s been six weeks now, and that fire is still going strong. i really hope they’re able to put it out soon before it does anymore damage.

house pictures!

May 26, 2007

i’ve been a slack blogger this week. i’ve been so slammed at work and then have been dealing with unpacking and window guys at home, i just haven’t had time to. i finally took some pictures of the house so far. please pardon the boxes that are in some of them. i promise we’ll be unpacked within the next week!

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happy anniversary!

May 26, 2007

that was my parents 32 years ago today. happy anniversary!!

smoltz’s big win

May 24, 2007

it’s a big night here in atlanta. john smoltz, the braves’ best starting pitcher, got career win no. 200. and he pitched against his best friend and fellow future hall of famer, tom glavine. it was a fantastic game. smoltz was amazing: no runs, 7 hits, no walks in 7 innings. the ninth inning got us a little worried after closer bob wickman gave up some big hits and second baseman kelly johnson made a really bad fumble. but, wickman closed it out and smoltz has now secured his spot in the hall of fame. yay.

wayward smoke

May 22, 2007

it is a yucky day here in northwest georgia. smoke from the raging wildfires in south georgia and north florida has made its way up here. it’s very hazy and smoky out. joe said it was a lot worse where he works in atlanta. i’ve been really dizzy this afternoon, and i’m wondering if the smoke has anything to do with it. i really hope it clears up soon. i feel for the people in the area of the fire. i wouldn’t be able to live with heavy smoke.