and now, i’m back offline

our directtv was hooked up today. that’s the good news. the technician also happened to disconnect our internet while he was at it. that’s the bad news. it’s going to cost us $20 to have it reconnected. that’s even worse news. it’s not that $20 is a lot to pay; it’s the principle. it’s the fact that i have to pay for something someone else did.

i had a great moving story complete with pictures to share, but that will have to wait. blah on directtv.



  1. 1

    I seriously want to murder direct TV. They are THE WORST company to have to deal with. Sigh.

  2. 2
    cady Says:

    yeah. it was bad enough that he took FOUR FREAKIN HOURS to hook our service up. then, he went and disconnected my internet. he could have ASKED if it was connected.

  3. 3
    stacey Says:

    I don’t understand why he had to disconnect your internet, but I have no idea about the whole DirectTV concept. I think they should have to pay for your (re)hookup costs, though. What kind of internet service is it that requires special people to come hook it up for you? It’s late … I think I’m just very confused and sleepy! Sorry!!

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