to cuddle or not to cuddle

our three male cats have had quite a time adjusting to sasha’s presence. they’re not used to having a female cat around, and she doesn’t seem to understand how their lives work. julius, dizzy and aj like playing with sasha, but she hasn’t understood yet that sleeping to them is a solo activity. they will let the others sleep in the same room or even on the same piece of furniture, but the boys know not to encroach on the other cats’ space.

sasha hasn’t gotten the memo on sleep yet. when she sleeps she wants to be as close to the other cats as possible. yesterday, she jumped up on our bed and plopped down next to aj, putting her head against him and falling asleep. aj looked at me as if he was thinking, how long do i have to do this? he never seemed to look comfortable, and never fully closed his eyes.

today, the three boys were laying on our bed, with plenty of space in between each one. she jumped up and ran over to lay next to julius. he jumped off the bed and left the room. she ran over to dizzy and tried to lay next to him. he, too, jumped off and left. then, she ran over to aj. he stayed. maybe he’s too nice to snub her like that, but again, he gave me that look. poor guys. they’re just not into cuddling with other cats.

while we’re on the subject of cats: why is it that the only cats who will sleep on the *girly* “major diva” bed are the boys?? sasha won’t give it the time of day, but the other three just love it!


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