still home and waiting

two days after our hospital visit, joe isn’t any worse. but, he isn’t any better. unless anything happens tonight, the plan is for him to get a referral from his doctor tomorrow for a g.i., and hopefully get in to see that doctor this week. he said he doesn’t hurt anymore when he moves, but it does hurt quite a bit when someone pushes on his right side, especially when you let up on it. it really could be anything, which really sucks, but we’re trying to keep our minds off it.

it really bothers me that the doctors just send people home with a simple, “we don’t know what it is.” i know that there are a lot of gray areas in medicine, but i had to deal with not knowing for more than a year when i had severe pain in my abdomen. after seeing several doctors, most of whom said they couldn’t figure it out, i was told it was simple constipation. a year later, my gynecologist discovered it was actually endometriosis. so, having been through it myself, it bothers me that the doctor told my husband it could be anything, and left it at that.

on to more positive things. we did some shopping for the new house this weekend. we got a grill and grill supplies, and a nice, fluffy mattress pad. i know that last item sounds mundane, but i like a comfy bed. 🙂 next on my list are some new towels. ours are unraveling, and i’d like some softer ones. i saw some nice ralph lauren towels at belk, which i think i may go back and get. speaking of belk, there is a nice home sale going on right now. i love sales. i found some nice, *soft* sheets that i’m going to go back and get. it’s going to be our house-warming present to ourselves.

and now it’s back to more packing. have i mentioned how much i *hate* moving lately??



  1. 1
    Liz Says:

    Oh, I missed a few posts. Poor Joe! I can’t believe that they can’t figure it out! How frustrating! I’ll be praying for him!

  2. 2
    stacey Says:

    Let me just tell you about the Biltmore Estate line of towels at Belk. They are absolutely the softest towels I’ve ever had … here’s the web site, if you want to look. But you really should feel them in person!

  3. 3
    cady Says:

    i saw those towels today! i’ll check those out when i go back too.

  4. 4
    Chas Says:

    Could it be kidney stones? A girl at work’s husband had appendicitis-like symptoms, and that’s what it ended up being. He was in such intense pain. If that’s what Joe has I really feel for him and hope that he finds a doctor that can help him!

  5. 5
    Sara Says:

    Poor Joe! I hope they figure out what it is – I was thinking about ya’ll this weekend!

    And on the moving thing, just think, you are moving into a HOUSE, which is a good thing, AND it will be the last move you have for a LOOONG time =)

  6. 6
    Joe Says:

    Thanks everyone for the kind wishes. It means a lot.

  7. 7
    janet Says:

    Joe, are you better yet? I hope so. I’m sure Cady gives you lots of TLC

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