cat tales

sasha spent the better part of yesterday at the vet. i might as well just direct deposit my paycheck into *his* bank account. he thought she still had an upper respiratory infection, but called today to tell us her tests were clean. no more giardia. no more uri. that’s just great.

i should have known there can’t be any good news without something bad attached. it turns out our sweet little kitty is anemic. he says it should go away once she starts gaining more weight, which is good. until then, we have to give her a vitamin b supplement, and all four cats have to go through a round of antibiotics just in case they passed the uri back in forth, such as when sasha broke out of seclusion, ran right up to julius and sneezed in his face. hello to you too.

the vet told us to make sure she eats a lot. joe said, “we’re not withholding food from her. she’s withholding it from the other cats!”

our vet replied, “ok. make sure she eats a lot.” he has the sense of humor of a board.

sasha’s a cutie though, and with her foraging nature, will eat *anything*. she really likes the foods julius does, such as chips and popcorn, but she also likes more obscure foods. last weekend at my parents’ house, she ate broccoli. last night, we heard her making clanging noises in the kitchen. i let joe go investigate.

“sasha, stop eating out of the pasta pot!”

yes, folks, my kitten was eating pasta. with sauce.

i wonder what i can get her to eat next.


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