trying to keep my business

i just got off the phone with the area coach for taco bell, which i’m assuming means he’s a district manager. i sure hope so.

once again, i went through my spiel, explaining that laughing at customers and saying, “why would you order something like that” just isn’t professional. i also mentioned my visit last night. i ordered two bean burritos with no cheese and no red sauce, which i figured is easier than my usual baja chalupa no baja sauce order.

again, i was wrong. my burritos had no *onions* and no red sauce. it’s a good thing i’ve gotten in the habit of pulling around the building to park after going through the drive-thru. back in i went, and i have to say, i was not a happy camper. i was anxious to get home and really didn’t feel like dealing with this again.

the girl at the front register said, “what?” when i walked up to the counter. the friendliness just oozes out of that place. i explained how my order was messed up. she replied, “ok, so no onions and no red sauce.”

seriously, how difficult is this to understand? it was even rung up correctly on the reciept.

i told her again that it was to be no cheese and no red sauce, and i gave her the reciept. she held it and my bag and said, “so what do you expect us to do about it?”

um. well, i guess i expect you to make my order correctly. and that’s what i told her.

she gave me a look of disgust and, rather than giving it to the nearest person on the line, walked around the lines just holding it, apparantly waiting for someone in particular. she explained to the other girl what the order was supposed to be, and the other girl said, “ok, no onions and no red sauce.”

honestly, what *is* it about these people? i understand they obviously can’t read, but now i guess they just can’t understand anyone either.

i said, kind of loudly, what my order was supposed to be, and one of the employees said, “well she’s really pissy, isn’t she?”

now, *that* was uncalled for. as i told the dm, if you’re going to talk about a customer, do it after they leave. that just pissed me off even more. i do not need to be insulted when i go to a restaurant. i’m the one giving them business. shouldn’t they be courteous and polite in return?

1-800-taco-bell got another call from me last night. i told them about my recent experience, and then said that receiving a call about my prior experiences from a shift manager rather than at least a store manager was uncalled for. the shift manager who called me back obviously didn’t care and i think she was the one who had laughed at me. besides, i was promised a call from a dm within three business days. i expected to speak with a dm about this, not a shift manager.

the dm asked what i want from them. i told him all i want is for the problem to be dealt with and corrected. all i want is to be treated politely. is that too much to ask?



  1. 1
    Joe Says:

    So wait, you want onions or not? 🙂 If you can’t trust a pimply high schooler at a fast food store, who can you trust?

  2. 2
    Chas Says:

    Don’t take offense to this since you used to work there, but people that work in those places are generally complete idiots. I can’t stand going into a Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King, Krystal…all normally compete idiots. I’d be shocked if the phone calls make a bit of difference, but at least they make you feel a little better.

  3. 3

    I’d say, it’s time to start thinking of another place for routine meals! Be done with Taco Smell!

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