options for the cats

i am thinking about getting underground fencing put in around our new front yard (yay, i’m going to have a yard!) for the cats. my cats were used to going outside before we moved here, and i know they miss it. i’m sure dizzy would enjoy playing in the grass as well. however, dizzy cannot go outside as it is because he is declawed, and i’m still quite nervous to let my two out since i keep thinking about my other cat who was hit by a car a couple years ago.

this is the perfect solution. they can play outside but will be contained to our yard with the fencing and collars. i’ve been pricing fences out today, and they’re not as expensive as i thought they would be. i figured we’d use the front yard because right now we need to do some work in the backyard, such as major raking and probably having several trees cut down.

i think the cats are ready to move. 🙂


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    Hooray for your cats! Our cats are currently indoor while we are in our rental… and I know they hate it! At our new house, they’ll be able to go outside again! I am only worried about coyotes, and apparently we have a bobcat in the neighborhood! In Los Angeles nonetheless!

    Happy happy for your pretty kitties!

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