my poor cell phone

i dropped my cell phone the other day.

i thought it would land on my bed, but it bounced off and hit my headboard. my screen is now very cracked and broken, with tape covering spots where dust or water could seep in. it also makes a weird vibrating noise when calling or talking to someone. it’s not pretty. i love my cell phone, so i was very upset.
we went to cingular, praying that we had added insurance to our package, but we hadn’t. so it was off to ebay to find a new phone. while i was at cingular, i browsed the accessories, looking for something that might prevent the same thing from happening again. i wanted some sort of case that would protect the screen, but all they had were the body glove-type cases that leaves the screen visible and vulnerable.

i found this cell phone accessories site, with all sorts of cell phone accessories. i initially was looking for a bluetooth, which i really want, but their prices weren’t very competitive. i figured i’d check the “faceplates and covers” section to see what they had, and i found exactly what i was looking for: a hard, yet lightweight case that covers the screen. it says it protects cell phones from drops and scratches. that is apparantly what i need. it’s not too expensive, so i probably will be ordering one. i’m sure joe will think it’s a good idea!
maybe that will protect my new phone, although i will *not* be dropping my phone on my bed again. i have learned my very expensive lesson.


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