weekend recap

we had a fun — well mostly fun! — weekend.

we were able to meet up with several of joe’s friends from georgia southern university at a party for his friend, scott’s, birthday. i had met scott and one of joe’s other friends once before, but others i hadn’t, so it was a lot of fun. joe had a blast, and that was the most important to me.

the gsu gang

on saturday, joe and i had planned to go to my parents’ house for lunch, but i woke up in excrutiating pain from going off my methotrexate. joe headed out to eckerd to pick up heating pads for my knees, and even though i still wanted to go, he didn’t want me spending two hours in the car. eventually, it got bad enough for us to call my doctor, who told me to go ahead and take my enbrel a few days early. i’ve been feeling a *lot* better today, so i’m hoping taking my enbrel on saturdays now will help alleviate most of the pain.

since saturday was exactly six months since we got married, we went out to dinner at chilis, one of my favorite restaurants. joe was going to take me to olive garden, but since i want to go there for my birthday, we opted for something different. on our way home, we stopped by the grand theater in cartersville, which is owned by the company i work for, to say hi to my parents and younger brother who were attending “the return-beatle tribute band” concert.

today, joe was nice enough to take my car to get its oil changed while i rested with a heating pad and, two hours later, finally made it back home. for dinner, we hit ihop because i’ve been wanting to try their black bean chili. it was *really* good. i am definitely planning on ordering that again soon!

tomorrow, it’s back to the grind. it’s only three weeks until my birthday and, even though i’m going to be 27 (*gasp*), i’m psyched!



  1. 1
    Emily Says:

    Cady my Cuz,
    I’m so thrilled to see you happy and smile glowing. Keep it up…and take care of yourself.
    Your cousin from the west

  2. I wanted to ask you, how does exercise (Swimming or something) help/hurt the pain?

  3. 3
    cady Says:

    em: thanks! we need to keep in touch.

    gff: swimming doesn’t hurt my knees at all. i haven’t tried other water exercises yet. the bike is usually ok, but if my knees are hurting too bad i won’t try it. walking is good, and aerobics is usually ok.

  4. 4
    Sara Says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend! You look great!!

  5. 5
    stacey Says:

    27 … pfft. I’ll be 30 on Saturday.
    😯 30!!!!!!! 😯

  6. 6
    Jessica Says:

    Happy Early Birthday to you! Mine was on Sunday, and I turned 26. Man, how time flies when you get old, huh? Well, have a good week!

  7. 7
    Lisanne Says:

    Man, you *really* sounded like you were in pain. 😦 I’m sorry to hear that. Glad you had a fun weekend, though! Heating pads rock … I used those like crazy when I was pregnant!

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