about my man

taken again from laura. she has the most fun quizzes!

his age: 27

how tall is he: 5′5″

how long have you been together: two years

how long did you know each other before you got together? we were friends for 2-3 years, but we met for the first time on our first date.

what physical features attracted you to him first?: his smile. i love smiles.

eye color: green

hair color: brown

hair style: just regular; he just leaves it as it is.

normal outfit: a nice shirt or sweater and jeans.

how did you meet: technically through work. i emailed him about a story i was working on because he had written one for his paper on the same subject, and we began emailing and talking on the phone.

how serious is it: half serious, half funny.

are you “in love”: of course!

do your parents like him: i think they like him more than they like me!

do his parents like you: yep!

do you trust him: i trust him more than anyone else. i’m working on it. i have a hard time trusting people because of past experiences.

would you share a toothbrush with him: ew!! 🙂

would he let you wear his pants: i’m too big for his pants 😦

do you have a shirt of his that you sleep in? yes, a t-shirt he got from something he covered. it is *really* big.

do you like the way he smells: yep.

can you picture having kids with him: oh yes. he will make the best father.

what bothers you the most about him: his procrastination. i’m more of a let’s-do-it-now-or-we’ll-forget kind of person.

does he have a temper: no. i’m the one with the temper.

are you happy to be with him: definitely.

does he embarrass you in public: no.

does he smoke or do drugs? i wouldn’t be with him if he did.

does he have any piercings?: no

any tattoos? no

does he have any scars that you know of? he has a scar on his chin, but i can’t remember off-hand what it’s from. does that make me a bad wife??

is he a party dude or stay at home?: he’s both. sometimes he likes to go out while other times he’d rather stay in.

Iis he outgoing or shy?: he’s both.

does he love his mama?: yep.

would he hang out with you and YOUR friends?: he does. he’s very good about that.

sing?: hahaha…only if i’m being punished for something!! 🙂



  1. 1
    Randy Says:

    This guy sounds hot!!

  2. 2
    Randy Says:

    Especially his green hair..

  3. 3
    Lisanne Says:

    Just testing

  4. 4
    Chas Says:

    That was sweet. I liked this; maybe I’ll use it soon too.

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