the thrashers game that wasn’t

i think the sickness is behind me now. yay! after battling a headache this morning, i felt a little better, so we picked up brandon and headed off to atlanta to meet up with jon, patrick and his girlfriend, sarah, for the thrashers game today. however, when we tried to redeem our vouchers for free tickets at the window, we were told the game was sold out. they exchanged our vouchers for tickets to next saturday night’s game, so we’re ok with that.

after getting our tickets, we decided to find something to eat in the cnn center. we picked a mexican cantina that wasn’t too crowded with hockey-goers, but in retrospect it was not a good choice. our waiter was awful. it took forever for our drinks to come, and after our food arrived we had to ask for silverware, napkins, and the chips and salsa that usually preceeds the meal. the food was ok, but at $4 a taco, it wasn’t worth the money. we didn’t even realize the extra taco was going to cost that much. when we got our check, our waiter actually told us to leave him a tip. right, for the napkins and silverware we had to ask for, the ridiculously overpriced food and the 10-minute wait for drinks? who *wouldn’t* tip him??



  1. 1
    Sara Says:

    I have been to that Mexican cantina…not too long ago actually and their service is HORRIBLE! We had this girl who was our waitress who was so softspoken Bryan kept having to ask her to speak up b/c we couldn’t hear her! AND the food wasn’t even that good (I thought the salad that came with my stuff was way better than the taco or whatever I got!). Hopefully you will have better luck next week. If you want a nice (and relatively expensive) treat, go to that McCormick & Schmidts restaurant on the corner. IT IS DELICIOUS!!!

  2. 2
    Joe Says:

    At least we missed a bad game. They better come out swinging Saturday night!

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