the cards keep coming

i think it’s funny how right after i wrote my christmas card post we started getting cards like there’s no tomorrow. we’re getting about 4-5 a day, which is pretty cool. i think most people sent them after receiving ours (considering they mention how cute our cats are), but that’s ok. they’re not used to us being married yet. 🙂

one of my uncle’s (actually, my dad’s uncle, but we call him uncle anyway) sent us our belated wedding present with our card: a gift card to kohls. yay. how did he know i love that store? and even though it’s for both of us, i’m sure you can guess who will be using it. i mean, really, what does kohls have that joe would really like? this is the best time to receive it too because of all the wonderful sales. i think i will get my much-needed new pair of boots.


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