holiday troubles

i made a wedding scrapbook for rachel for hanukkah. i can’t even tell you how many hours i put into it, capturing every moment from her wedding. then, i found a really pretty scrapbook on, which i ordered on nov. 28. i have never had problems with before, and i had no reason to think i would this time.

i’m still waiting for it. i was told on sunday that it had been shipped and would be here no later than today. ups says it still hasn’t been shipped, even though the customer service representatives for amazon (who i think work in india) say that it has been. i tend to believe ups over the woman i spoke with wouldn’t even let me speak to a supervisor. she told me she would refund my money and to refuse the book when it comes. i asked her why she couldn’t just cancel it since it hasn’t been shipped, but she said it had been. honestly. i have a tracking number. i know it hasn’t been shipped. i don’t appreciate being lied to. so now i have scrapbook pages and no scrapbook. fan-freakin-tastic.

i was already in a bad mood today. i discovered this morning that when i purchased dinner at the local diner last night, i was charged $3.82 more than i signed for. now, i’m not one for making a big deal over a small amount of money, but i am one for honesty. i figure the waitress decided she deserved a tip for doing absolutely nothing and gave herself one without my knowledge.

so off i went to the diner on my way into work today. the owner is korean and i can’t understand a word she says, but i did gather that she thinks my bank took that out of my account. that is ludicrous on many accounts. first of all, banks can’t do that. second, banks don’t do that. third, when banks charge fees they are done as separate transactions. they are not attached to transactions.

my next stop was the bank, where i was told that my assumptions were correct, and i was told that they cannot and would not do that. i was given the bank president’s business card for the diner owner to call, and was told that i basically had had my money stolen.

back to the diner i went. i asked to speak to the owner, but the waitress told me i couldn’t. i said, “fine. i’ll leave then and go file a police report.” amazingly enough, she *was* available. she continued to say the bank charged me, even after i gave her the two business cards i had received and told her to go ahead and call. finally, after i pulled out my phone and said i would call one of the cops i know right then, i got my money back. honestly. i don’t understand why it was such a hassle.

since then, i received a call from one of the waitresses who said she called their credit card machine company and they said they always charge extra “just in case you want to leave a tip.” it’s funny how that’s never happened the hundreds of other times i ordered take out from that restaurant.

please let my day get better from here.


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