writing nerves

i’m turning in my first freelancing assignment this morning, and i’m kind of nervous. it’s not that i don’t think i’m a good writer, but this is for a publication in atlanta, which is the biggest market i’ve ever written for, and i really want the editor to like this piece. it would be really nice to get some regular assignments. i got the assignment monday, but the short timeframe isn’t a big deal. it’s a pretty easy story regarding the frequency of fires in the winter. luckily, the public information officers at the fire departments i talked to were quite talkative. i love people like that, people who just start going when you ask one question. it makes my job much easier. 🙂

writing this story has really made me realize how much i miss newspaper writing. i miss being able to write long pieces. i miss being able to come up with creative feature leads. and, i realized a few minutes into my first interview that i wasn’t taking notes. i’ve become so used to recording all my interviews, i slightly panicked trying to get my quotes down. hehe. it’s been too long.

since my deadline is today, i think my story will run sunday. i’ll post a link, and you guys can tell me what you think! i think it turned out really well though. i think it’s a good, solid piece. yay!


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