the flu rages on

i’m so sick of being sick. today i’ve had the most horrible, pounding sinus headache and nausea. i had to go into work this morning, but since then have been curled up in bed watching big love, which we rented from blockbuster. that’s actually a pretty good show.

joe headed up to blue ridge to see his family yesterday. i’m glad he got a chance to see them, but it sucked that i was stuck here. his mom sent us a lot of leftovers, including this incredible pumpkin bread that her cousin terri made and some yummy mint brownies. mmmm. 🙂

thanksgiving day was a lot of fun. we arrived at my parents’ around 11:30 and helped my mom with the last minute preparations. she made a lot of the food the night before, so it wasn’t as rushed this year. thanksgiving and christmas dinners are the two meals i look forward to every year. we have the same thing, but that’s ok because it is so yummy.

we had vegetarian turkey slices with stuffing.

wild rice with fri chick (another vegetarian meat).

my mom cooked a turkey breast for joe. i told him he should be worried about a vegetarian cooking a turkey. but it turned out very well. i even had a bite, and it was yummy. apparantly, this is the first time joe carved a turkey. i wish he had told me that while he was doing it so i could take a picture.

we also had yummy mashed potatoes, one of my favorite parts of the meal.

and asparagus and a broccoli cheese casserole.

we had five desserts, three of which i made. my grandmother made a pumpkin pie and a lemon meringue pie. i made an apple pie, strawberry pie and chocolate peanut butter fudge. the fudge was a *huge* hit. it’s so good and so easy to make.

the cats felt a need to help, as they had with my dad’s birthday cake. i left the apple pie covered with a towel while it cooled. when i took the towel off, there was a hole on the side from where it had been stepped on. i guess one of them (ahem, dizzy) wanted to make sure the crust was done.

now my wonderful husband has made me tacos because i had a craving for them today. yay!



  1. 1
    Joe Says:

    Hope you get to feeling better soon, babe. The desserts were wonderful! Glad I married a good cook!

  2. 2
    stacey Says:

    All that food made me so hungry!! Looks delish!
    I hope you get to feeling better soon! 🙂

  3. 3
    Tara Says:

    I gained two pounds just looking at those mashed potatoes!!!!

  4. 4

    Ah…those pictures kinda made me hungry. Even after I just ate….thanks.

    My question is….is did you have any gravy with those taters?

  5. 5
    Laura Says:

    what an awful time to be sick, not that any time is good, but especially not on a holiday! i hope you feel better soon. your food looks absolutely delicious.

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