for the last two months, my right front tire has been going flat. every time we put air in it, it would leak out. i took it to firestone about a month ago to have it looked at. they said they couldn’t find anything, and that someone probably had loosened the cap and the air was leaking out.

last weekend, we noticed my tire was going flat again. so, back we went to firestone. the man who took my information wasn’t the friendliest. “we’ve already looked at it and didn’t find anything, but we’ll look at it again.”

my thinking was that if the tire continuously loses air something *must* be wrong with it. tires normally don’t do that. apparantly they didn’t agree with that.

a few hours later we called about my car since we hadn’t heard back from them. “we put more air in it and we found that the valve is leaking, so we put on a new valve.”

imagine that. there *was* something wrong with it. again, tires don’t lose air just for the fun of it. so now my tires should be good to go. the best part was that it didn’t cost me anything. 🙂


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    Liz Says:

    Oh, I hate mechanics! They didn’t charge you this time did they?!

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