coulda, woulda, shoulda

lately i’ve been thinking back to our wedding and, as i look through the pictures, regretting (if that’s even the correct word to use here) that we didn’t do certain things. my biggest regret is forgetting to have my photographer take a picture of me with my parents, brothers and sister. i have pictures with them individually, but not one of all of us together.  i also wish i had gotten individual pictures of me with my bridesmaids. i have several of all of us together, but now that i’m picking out pictures for our wedding scrapbook, i’m realizing that i really wanted those pictures.

 and yes, before you ask, i had a list of all the pictures we wanted, and yes, these pictures were on it. however, in my flurry of activity on our wedding day, i completely forgot to give our photographer the list, and i wasn’t in any condition to actually remember these pictures on my own! oh well. it’ll be a story we can tell the kids. 🙂


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