let the writing begin

another national novel writing month has begun. i didn’t participate last year, but this year joe and i decided to sign up together so we can motivate each other. i think i have a pretty good plot line, and i’ve shared what i’ve written so far (2,000 words and counting!) with a few people who really liked it. maybe i’ve got something. i hope so. my long-term goal is to have a book published. *crosses fingers* so here goes nothing. i have 29 days to get 48,000 more words. i think i can do that. 🙂

last night was a lot of fun, despite gilmore girls being a rerun. everyone seemed to like dinner, and i finally got to use one of the dish sets we got for the wedding, as well as my new placemats and napkins. woo hoo! hehe. afterward we watched the big lebowski. it’s such a funny movie. we only had two trick-or-treaters (who came together) the whole night, though. that was a little disappointing. oh well. i guess that means joe has to eat all that leftover candy!


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    Joe Says:

    Last night was great. Love the Dude. Looking forward to writin’ away!

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