in honor of pasta day

i have been craving cheeseless tortellini lately. i haven’t had it since college (man, i miss pasta day, which happens to be today), but for some reason i’ve been really wanting some. however, i’ve had quite a time finding it. none of the stores here, including the health food store, sell it. today, joe called harry’s farmers market and found it! they have mushroom-filled tortellini with and without cheese. yay! i’ve never been to harry’s, but i’ve been wanting to go. i will have to make a trip there sometime. joe will be stopping by tonight, though, to pick up my tortellini for dinner. while i was at the store getting the ingredients for the pasta i’m making for the potluck halloween party, i picked up veggies to make a nice salad to go with the tortellini. i’m getting hungry just thinking about it! hehe. maybe joe can see if they have cheeseless ravioli too…


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