medicine troubles

i was supposed to take my enbrel injection on monday. it’s wednesday, and my refill still hasn’t arrived at my pharmacy. this time, i’m not having problems with my insurance company. surprising, huh? apparantly, my pharmacy cannot get my from its wholesaler because it isn’t stocked anymore. that means they have to order from the manufacturer, which, i guess, takes a long time. it also means those of us who need the enbrel have to endure the pain until our shots come in. the employees at the pharmacy have been really helpful about this. last night, they offered to call pharmacies all over the state to try to find it. i got a call this morning informing me that they were able to find it in stock at another pharmacy here in town. yay. i must say, i’ve never looked this forward to sticking a needle in my skin. 🙂


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    Laura Says:

    Aw, I’m so sorry you’re in pain!! How awful. I wish doctor/medicine stuff didn’t have to be so complicated sometimes.

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