weddings, weddings, weddings

i love weddings. even if i don’t know the couple, i tear up because weddings are just so beautiful. this morning, the today show threw a wedding. they had a get married on today contest for the last couple of months, and the winning couple got hitched! america got to choose her gown, the bridesmaid’s gowns and flower girl dress, the cake, the rings, the bride’s hair style and the honeymoon. i think it would be neat to get married on the today show, and very nice to have everything paid for, but i wouldn’t like the fact that every decision was in the hands of the viewers. you could get voters who pick really nice choices, like for this wedding, or you could get the viewers who vote for the not-so-pretty options. and it’s really not a reflection of you if you’re not the one making the decisions.

it was a pretty wedding, and it was a very short service. the bride’s mother passed away from cancer, and her father died when she was 17, so i got teary when her adoptive father said, “her deceased mother and i” give her away. her mother’s favorite color was pink, so the flower girl scattered pink petals down the aisle to represent her mother, and the bride carried pink roses. i thought it was really sweet.

i wasn’t very impressed with their vows. they seemed too formal to me. maybe it’s because they are an older couple, but they just didn’t seem as heartfelt as joe’s. but, it’s their wedding. to each his own.

after the ceremony, the today crew told the couple where they would be going on their honeymoon. the options were antarctica, barbados, new zealand, peru, vietnam, france and africa. i voted for antarctica just for the fun of it, but really, an antarctica cruise would be really neat. surprisingly, the bride said she voted for antarctica too! the winner: new zealand. that will be an awesome trip. any of them would have been fantastic. it must have been difficult packing, though, since they didn’t know if they would be going to somewhere cold like antarctica or somewhere tropical like barbados.


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