it is so nice to be up and around again. i was in bed all day yesterday with a *terrible* sinus migraine. i had to leave a meeting i was covering monday night early because i was starting to feel really sick, and yesterday morning it hit me full force. it was excrutiating when i was laying down, and getting up made it worse, so my trips out of bed were few and far between. i slept most of the day because, thankfully, it didn’t hurt when i wasn’t awake. hehe. joe came home with a card from him and the cats. awww. what a sweet hubby!

so now i have a lot to catch up on today. i have a bunch of errands to run, including getting my new driver’s license (i keep forgetting the dds is closed on mondays), before i roll into work late this afternoon and gear up for my late meeting that will, with 20 agenda items, inevitably run very, very long. and of course, it would fall on the night that the biggest loser starts. man, i am such a reality tv addict. hehe. have a good one!



  1. 1
    joe Says:

    Feel better, honey. I’m thinking of you. By the way, love the new look of the site!

  2. 2
    lisanne Says:

    Hey there! I love the new look of your blog. Hope your allergies feel better soon ~ ours have been *horrible* this season.

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