monday, monday

we had a busy but fun weekend. we had a really nice visit with my parents and grandparents on saturday, and we had fun last night with joe’s family too. his sister, rachel, surprised us by framing some of our wedding pictures. she picked some really good ones, and i can’t wait for joe to hang it up. maybe he’ll do that tonight while i’m working (hint hint!). 🙂

joe’s parents gave us a beautiful wood wine bottle holder with cork from turning leaf wood art with our names and wedding date carved on it. the turning leaf is a fabulous store in downtown blue ridge, ga. with all sorts of baskets and wood carvings. they are absolutely gorgeous. rachel got a wine bottle holder for her wedding, so i was hoping we’d get one too.

now, i’m off to get my new driver’s license, change my name on my accounts at the bank and apply for my new social security card. there is so much to do after you get married! i also need to find a birthday present for joe. i had an idea in mind, but i think i’m going to get that for him for hanukkah. it’s always harder to buy presents for men. women are so much easier. wish me luck!


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    joe Says:

    Presents for us are easy: If it has a plug or works with something that has a plug, we’ll love it. Oh and beer too.

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