is it here yet?

yay! i got my fourth place setting. woo. now i can have a dinner party. i’ve been dying to have one. i’ve been in such a domesticated mood lately. hehe.

i am so ready for the wedding to be here. i’ve been so stressed, and let me tell you, i’ve lost 4-5 pounds over the last week or so. and i’m not even eating well! heh. the other night i had french fries *and* fried mushrooms (my weakness!) with my veggie wrap and my clothes are still looser on me. if this is a side effect of the stress, i think i’ll take it. maybe i should be stressed out more often! hehe. i just can’t wait for saturday to be here. i love the sabbath because i can relax, and it’ll be even better with all our family here. then saturday night, the festivities begin!


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  1. yippeeeeeeeee!!

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