crunching the numbers

i got a fantastic deal from my hairstylist! she’s going to do my run-through and my hair on the big day for a combined total of — are you ready for this? — $55. i’m still in shock. that’s an amazing price. i’ve known this woman since we moved to tennessee in 1994. she’s my mom’s stylist, and she did my hair most of the time i lived in tennessee. i’m really happy she’s doing my hair for my wedding. she does a fabulous job!

now i have a little more money to play with, which is good. i wanted to make my own table decorations as well as work on a few more pages in my scrapbook, which will be on display. i saw these really cute wedding cake candles at a dollar store in south carolina, and joe’s nana sent me 11 of them. coincidentally enough, we’re going to have 11 tables at our reception. so i’m thinking of incorporating them in table displays. boy, i’ve been getting really crafty lately. i don’t know if this is a good thing. you can’t control me at hobby lobby when i have crafts on my mind!


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    Laura Says:

    That IS a good deal! Wow!

    Good idea to have a scrapbook out. I love it when people do that.

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