the terrorists try again

i had the today show on in the background as i got ready this morning, and talk of tighter restrictions for carry-on luggage sparked my attention. i got to the tv in time to hear the report on the terrorist attack that almost was carried out this morning. according to cnn, 21 people were arrested for hiding liquid explosives and detonators in carry-on luggage. the plan was to blow up planes traveling from england to several cities here, including washington d.c. and new york. airport officials say passengers were about to board the planes for take-off. it’s scary how close this plan came to completion.

the terror threat level has been raised for flights originating in england and flights here in the us. i must say, as our wedding and honeymoon approach i’m getting nervous about flying. we thought the next time they tried an attack it would be in a different way, yet they’re still attacking airplanes. i wonder how long it will be until i feel comfortable with flying again.


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    Jennifer Says:

    Sometimes I wonder why they tell us that stuff on the news. It didn’t carry through, and now they’ve gone and scared a trillion people

    Good luck

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