those gremlins . . .

last night our cable and internet went out four minutes (yes, four freakin minutes) before big brother started. i was not a happy camper. i’m a big brother and windfall fan (do not laugh), and i missed both my shows. luckily big brother is online after every episode, and my parents taped windfall, which we’ll pick up sunday.

joe just called to tell me the gremlins attacked again. yes, people, our cable and internet are out AGAIN. sigh. joe called, and the representatives at our lovely cable company said they don’t have any reports of outages yet. they said there isn’t a widespread outage they’ll send repairmen out to fix our services on wednesday.

wednesday? are they smoking crack? they seriously think i can go without tv or internet for five days? i’m not *that* addicted to them, but i think anyone would agree that five days is an abnormally long time. i think this is unacceptable. i think we should tell them we’re not going to pay for however many days we are without those services. don’t you agree?

so, cross your fingers *and* your toes for us. here’s hoping every other residence in cartersville is cableless as well.


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