ring issues

i ordered joe’s ring yesterday. they didn’t have it in stock in white gold, and the saleslady told me it wouldn’t be in until at least august 8. since i want to get it engraved, i figured i’d kill two birds with one stone and order it. that way it would be ready to go when i pick it up. apparantly, that’s not how the jewelry business works. the ring has to be shipped to the store, and then it will be shipped back for the engraving, which will take at least 7-10 more days. and, she said that’s no guarantee. the process makes absolutely no sense to me. why make it more of a hassle, both for the store *and* the customer. i better have it engraved and in my possession before the wedding. they don’t want to deal with me as an angry, stressed out bride. 🙂


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