39 days to go

wow. is the wedding really just a little more than a month away?? joe and i spent about an hour and a half in linens n things yesterday registering for household items. joe thinks we registered for too much. i don’t think you can over-register. he says the only things he can remember are towels, towels and towels. hehe.

we scheduled our marriage blessing at the synagogue. it will be aug. 25. i’m excited. i need to find something to wear. this is a good excuse to go shopping. the next day are our bachlor/bachelorette parties. joe’s sister is planning mine, so i know it’ll be a blast. i can’t wait. that next morning we have to be up early to head to atlanta for an event at joe’s school.

we have something scheduled for every weekend from now until the wedding. at least we’ll have a whole week to ourselves afterward!! we’re hoping that since tennessee only requires four counseling sessions for the marriage license discount that the cantor will let us out a week early. that would give us a sunday to do our yard sale. we need to clean our apartment, and our storage unit, out. it would be nice to get down to the smallest storage unit.

our engagement announcement was supposed to run two weeks ago. it didn’t run then, and it didn’t run yesterday. i really hope they get it in before the wedding. i’ve called and emailed the newspaper’s lifestyle department, but haven’t gotten a response. go figure.


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