sick and scared

i’m off to the doctor in a few hours, and i’m scared. the main reason for my visit is to check out why i’ve been feeling so sick today with nausea and stomach pains. the secondary, and most important, is to see if i might have cancer, or be pre-cancerous, in my nose.

my grandmother, sister and dad have all had cancer in the nose. my grandma had about 40 percent of her nose removed, and my sister had a dime-sized piece taken out. my dad was pre-cancerous, and the doctor said he had removed everything, but now it’s back. they all had scabby, sore noses, and so do i. it’s been this way for several months now, and it’s very tough and sore on the bottom. my parents and joe have been after me for a while to have it checked out, so i figured i’d get everything done today. at least i’ll get referred to a dermatologist.

here’s hoping everything’s ok!


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