21 years

today my brothers turn 21. it’s amazing how time flies. i remember when my parents woke me up to tell me the boys were going to be born and then left me with “grandma mattis,” a neighbor and babysitter, as they sped off to the hospital. they barely made it. my mom says she almost delivered the boys in the car. at least she wasn’t in labor long! our church’s general conference meeting was in session that day, and my grandfathers, who are both pastors, were there and were able to announce to everyone in attendance that their twin grandsons were born. it seems like just yesterday they were the cute babies i always wanted to hold. then, they turned into the twin terrors i tried to avoid. now, whether they like to admit it or not, they’re my friends. i can’t believe they’re 21. they’re finally (hopefully!) deciding on their careers, planning their futures, and one may be heading down the aisle soon after me. despite how grown up they are, though, they’ll always be my little brothers. happy birthday guys!


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