67 days to go

i can mark two more things off the list. i booked my hairdresser (big sigh of relief!), and i got in touch with the woman who will be preserving my bouquet. apparantly, she works with the chapel where we’re getting married, and i just have to leave my bouquet there and she will pick it up. that is a load off my mind. i was trying to figure out how to get someone to take it up to dayton (about an hour from my parents’ house) on a holiday weekend.

the preservation is pretty cool. she can put the flowers in three kinds of encasements: domes, frames and boxes with domes on top. i’m thinking right now that the dome would be neat. a frame probably would be more practical, but i like the idea of my bouquet being preserved in a dome better. then i can put it on the mantle next to our unity candle.

speaking of unity candles, we picked out the one we want. we’re getting it from things remembered so we can have it engraved.

man. i can’t believe how close it is! i can’t wait!


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