dress stress

when i bought my wedding dress in february, i asked the saleslady what i would have to do if i gained weight before the wedding. “oh, we can let the dress out two sizes, and each size is about 15 pounds.”

if i gained 30 pounds, i would scream. i was scared to death i’d gain weight, considering i bought my dress so early (neeeever listen to the people at david’s bridal). it was bad enough having to buy a dress labeled two sizes larger than i normally wear. i did *not* want to have my dress let out.

now it’s 72 days until the wedding and my dress still fits perfectly. except for the top, that is, where i’m not big enough to fill it out (why couldn’t my fat go there instead of to my stomach and thighs??). and i’m still losing weight, slowly but surely. i’ve lost a pound a week for the last three weeks. maybe the glucophage is *finally* kicking in. so i’m a happy camper. except i think my hips look too big in the dress. 🙂


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