the fun continues

i’m sure you all are probably getting sick of aj pictures by now, but these were too cute not to post.

we think aj may have started picking at his stitches (we haven’t seen him, but the ends look longer), so joe stopped by the vet and picked up a cone just in case. we tried it on him the other night, and he kept backing up until he ran into the couch as if he was thinking that he could back away from it. he was probably thinking, why won’t it go away?? this picture is classic.

this morning, aj decided to lay in a pier one bag. it was pretty cute.

so here’s a [semi] humorous story. aj has thrown up about seven times in the last two days (counting the two this morning). we called the vet last night after no. 5. he asked if aj was on an antibiotic, and joe told him he wasn’t but that he was on medicam for the pain.

the vet said, “oh yeah, that’ll make him throw up. don’t give him anymore.”

joe sighed. “we just gave it to him about eight minutes ago.”

now, we wait for it to go through his system.


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