aj is not the happiest cat. he’s trying to find ways to be comfortable after his surgery. he had quite a big incision and about 10 stitches, so he’s been through a lot. he slept a while after i brought him home yesterday afternoon, and then tried to get out of his carrier and walk around. he was still quite groggy from the anesthesia, so he would take a step, then stumble and fall, take a step, then stumble and fall. i went with him to make sure he didn’t hurt himself when he’d fall. he seriously looked like he was drunk and trying to walk. it was so funny. i felt bad laughing, but it was so cute and hilarious. i held him for a while, which seemed to be semi-comfortable for him.

isn’t this the cutest face ever?? he was still so sleepy from being knocked out.

since he had his belly cut open, he had a hard time finding a comfortable way to sleep. finally he decided to just sleep sitting on all four feet. his nose would touch the ground. it was really cute.

i’ve noticed he likes to be behind or under things to feel more secure. last night he spent time under the futon, and when we woke up this morning he was sleeping under our bed way in the back by the wall. it was quite an adventure trying to get him out to give him his medicine without hurting him. right now he’s sleeping behind the loveseat in the living room. here’s a picture of him post-medicine.

i was kind of worried about how dizzy and julius would be around him, but they’ve been great. they nosed around him when i first brought him home, but they could tell he wasn’t feeling well and left him alone. this morning, julius kept going over to where aj slept in the living room to check on him. he’d look at him, lick the top of his head a couple times, and go back to the other side of the room. he’d repeat that every so often. it was so cute, and it showed me how much he cares about aj.

hopefully aj will be back to his old self again soon, and then in two weeks we go back to get the stitches taken out. more fun times are in store, i can feel it.


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