aj ate a piece of ribbon. a 30-inch piece of invitation ribbon, to be exact.

i noticed him chewing on the piece we had cut for dizzy to play with so he wouldn’t bother us. then i noticed it was gone. i still don’t know how he ate that without us noticing.

joe called the vet. his first question? “what the hell was he thinking?”

now we’re monitoring the little guy to see if it passes from either end. if not, the doctor said he’ll have to use an endoscopy tomorrow to get it out. we both laughed picturing that. poor guy. i told him this is not going to end pleasantly for him.

i think it’s starting to hit him now. he’s curled up behind the futon, and he doesn’t look comfortable. i hope everything will work its way out tonight. i guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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