wedding help

i am very lucky. i have so many people who have stepped up and volunteered to help me with the wedding.

one of my bridesmaids, and a good friend, volunteered to host my bachelorette party. i think joe’s sister will help too, so that’s huge.

a woman in our kiwanis club offered to host a couples wedding shower so everyone in our kiwanis club can attend. i really love that idea, because we love the people in our club. they’re such great people and we get along with all of them so well. besides, they all saw our relationship develop, so they’ve really played a big part in our lives.

my mom offered to address and mail all of my invitations. that, again, is such a huge help for me. she’s also hosting my bridal shower, along with my sister and *hopefully* my future mother-in-law.

my sister has offered to do anything she can from a distance (she lives in north carolina), which will include a bunch of things for the bridal shower. she also offered to address invites for me, but i decided against that because of the cost of shipping them to her.

my future mother-in-law has told me she’ll do anything i need her to do. she’s great. i really am lucky to have such great future in-laws. we get along so well, and i know i’ll love being a part of their family. i just have such great family and friends. i’m so blessed and lucky to have all of them.


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